1.         Like everywhere else, Christmas is right around the corner in Washington DC. White house already got their Christmas tree couple of days ago. Capitol Hill got gigantic Christmas tree from the golden state of California on Monday. Even though White House and Capitol Hill could not agree on cutting trillions of deficit and passing American Jobs Acts for more job creations, both are ready for the biggest holiday of the year, keeping the long tradition of erecting Christmas tree in their respective front lawn. People have no jobs, prices are high and whole economy is in bad shape. Thousands of people are in parks and open fields, creating new movement called Occupy movement.  Common people are creating a new institution 

     We all know, in this time of recession, we people don’t have budget like Congress and White House to decorate big Christmas tree. We need to be happy with whatever we have.  Here I present Unofficial Christmas tree of common people This tree is dedicated to all people who are active in Occupy DC, Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements.

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