1.  A green field

  2. A monk’s point of view

  3.  Blue Grass

  4.  To all the unsung dads

  5.  Green America 

  6.  On a roll  !!

  7. A picturesque evening seen from Marshall, MN on Saturday

  8. "Not all those who wander are lost.” 

                               ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

  9. Buddha ! Oh, Buddha !! May peace be upon you.

  10. Oh, Surreal Amrika !

  11.  Bloody Moon 

  12. A commoner 
    in distress 
    endless road
    in illusion

  13. Away from the city screams
    In complete serenity
    A farmer
    grows gold, silver and copper
    masters alchemy

  14. In the starless wintry night
    A tall lamp post
    stands all alone

  15. In the evening
    I ramble
    like the great Euclid
    looking for lines and patterns
    circles and triangles
    In the sky